No 54 - Summer 1998



Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive N° 54, Summer 1998

Only the main papers are listed



The Worms family : origin of a dynasty in Sarrelouis (Lorraine) in the XVIIIth century

Pascal Faustini

Traced through the notarial archives the destiny of Jacob Worms and his posterity : how poor butchers become celebrities.

Eliane Roos Schuhl

Considerations on the Worms signatures


History and Genealogy. Nossas Familhas : Portuguese itineraries

Lionel Lévy

The author leads us in the maze of his " father’s side families ", fromToledano, Seville and Gibraltar to Nantes and Amsterdam, through Tetouan and Tunis


Genealogy of the Nerson family (continued)

Ernest Kallmann

Thanks to Mémoire Juive en Alsace by Aaron Fraenckel, (Strasbourg, 1997), the genealogy of the Nerson family is retraced


The original document of the 1784 general Census of the Jews in Alsace for the village of Rixheim

Denis Ingold

The transcription of the original document provides new informations, not present in the printed version, to the 1784 Alsatian Jews Census ( i.e. date and place of birth, occupation)

Roll of Jewish taxes : Nîmes, (France) 1829

Francis Weill

Central Archives for History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem provide information on the Jewish community of Nïmes in 1829


About the importance of cemeteries in genealogical research

Philippe Pierret

A database for the old jewish cemeteries in Belgium : modern funerary archeology

Hebrew paleography : the signature of rabbi Joseph Steinhardt revisited

Laurent Kassel

A careful examination of the signatures shows that beyond the hebrew language, French and German languages are present and mixed


The Proceedings of the International meeting of Jewish Genealogy (Paris, July 14-17, 1997) are available.

Most of the recent national and international Journals on Jewish genealogy

FROM OUR MAILBOX : Two genealogical enigma about the origin of Ury, Oury and Gallhausen patronyms ; a letter from Jean Carasso, the publisher of " La Lettre Séfarade " : an answer to Mathilde Tagger. Ascendancy lists : Denis Wahl ; Thierry Claude Jacob p. 37