No 36 - Autumn 1993






International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem, April 29 - May 5, 1994 (p.6)


Inscriptions are opened. Program, price...More advices.




Jewish genealogical research in Alsace (p. 8)


The sources : 1784 Census, Civil state since 1793, 1808 Lists, and quinquennial


Censuses from 1836 to 1866. And problems to use them : language, geography, dates...




Lists, decrees and naturalization records (p. 13)


How to find your ancestors’ French naturalization records. Easily available resources. A real practical guide.




The family of Captain Dreyfus (p. 18)


A descendant genealogical tree, from Alfred Dreyfus grandfather's grandfather. A very detailled and remarkable study.






Marseille records, by our branch in Provence.

1808 lists for Bas-Rhin and Besançon.

UGIF archives. 1940 Jews Census. Loiret camps archives (p.23)


Special Interest Groups in Jewish Genealogy (p.24) ;


Pontremoli family history. Jews of the Balkan peninsula (p.25) ;


Questionnaire of the Commission Française des Archives Juives about private archives (p.34).




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Queries and replies (p.26) ;


Ascendance lists (p.32) ;


Letters to the editor (p.33).