No 27 - Summer 1991




Salt Lake City 1991 (p.6)

Philip Abensur and Basile Ginger report on the climate of the Congress and also the findings they made there at the time. Over 300 people attended the Congress.


Jewry in the Touat Oases ( p . l l)

Jacob Oliel reconstructs this unknown and fascinating Community which lived in a string of oases in Algerian Sahara.


Two hundred years ago : how Jews Irving in France became French Citizens (p. 18)

A fundamental bicentennial.


Jewry in Toulon (France) in the early 19th century (p. 19)

An attempt to reconstruct this small community at that time, derived from archival documents and research carried out by the sub-branch of the Cercle in Provence.


Computing (p. 20)

New genealogical and calendar softwares.

Beth Hatefutsoth Genealogical Center.


The Netter family of Schwindratzheim, in Alsace (p.22)

A numerous lineage, up to 1750, pieced together by J. P. Netter, which includes the Chief Rabbi of Médéa (Algeria), and an American member of the Cercle.


The Mimouna feast in Oran (Algeria) (p.23)

In an initial reply to the suggestion of Madeleine King, are unfolded reminescences of people who lived in Oran.


The new catalogue of the Documentation

Collection. The sub-branch in Provence.

The 13th Congress of the "Société d'Histoire des Israélites d Alsace Lorraine ".


See also :

Informations (p.24) ; "Revue des revues" (p.25) ;

Jottings (p.26) ; Queries and replies (p. 30) ;

Ancestry-lineage listings (p.33).