No 121 - Spring 2015

ABSTRACTS of issue 121

Sylvie Harburger
Francis Harburger (1905-1998), painter.His family and Algeria
The following paper has been provided by Sylvie Harburger, the daughter of the artist, Francis Harburger, who was born in Oran, Algeria in 1905. The author brings us from Germany to Alsace where the Harburger came from and to Algeria where his mother's Aboulker family came from. Art works photos and specific details are provided, in particular about “Siège de Paris” in 1870,Nazi spoliation in Paris in the 40' and some remarkable women artists life from the family lane.

Georges Weill
Russian, jewish, socialists physicians and lawiers, in Geneva in 20th century : Dr Boris Tschlenoff, Dicker and Daïnow families
Doctor Boris Tschlenoff and the Dicker and Daïnow families were part of the Russian jewish students who went to Switzerland from the1880s onward to embark upon universities studies. Very popular for their human qualities, they leave their mark in odontology, medicin, law, chemistry, teaching or littérature, where they often built a brilliant career. Basing on the family tree, this article try to trace their private, professionnal and political paths, sometimes dramatic, between the Russian pogroms, the anti-Semitism of the Swiss extreme right wing party, the nazis massacres, the persecutions of the Nationalists in Spain or the anti-Jewish laws of the Vichy government.

Max Polonovski
The Kosciusko-Morizet Family, from Suwalki to Paris, a French Assimilation
According to a legend, the family of the former Ambassador of France to United States, Jacques Kosciusko-Morizet (1913-1994) was related to the Polish hero of the American Revolution, Thaddeus Kosciuszko. It appears that there is no connection between the two families, one is Jewish and the other Catholic.We can follow the successful acculturation of the descendents of Zelman Kosciuszko, from Suwalki in Lithuania, during the 19th and 20th centuries in France. Among the descendents of the three brothers Jacob Salomon, Abraham Koscziusko and Moïse Friedlander, cap makers in the Jewish quarter of Paris, several were involved in politics at a high level, shed their blood for their country during the WW1, were resistants in German occupied France, but some of them were also victims of the Nazi persecutions.

Inès Charfeddine
Tunisian rabbinical notaries records (1865-1969) written in judeoarabic 'maalaq' kept in the Tunisian National Archives
305 records written in Judeo-Arabic 'maalaq' are presented here. They come from Jewish notaries of different cities, rabbinical registers and commercial accounts. Systematic scrutiny and counting will help knowing better the Tunisian Jewish minority population during the century before their ultimate departure

Mathilde Tagger
Rabbinic genealogy in Morocco
In this text the author – recently deceased – provides the list of printed and manuscript sources that allow to restore the rabbinical genealogies in Morocco.

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