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The descendants of Raphael Vorms from Bionville (Moselle) - Part one : two generations

 LOUIS VORMS AND GUY WORMS, both descending from Raphael Vorms (deceased around 1763) and his two sons Hayman and Salomon, trace the family which is the only one to have perpetuated the name of their place of origin, Bionville (or in German: Bingen) as part of their family name. The article is illustrated by copies of the source documents, especially the “plaids annaux”, reports about the yearly meeting called by the local sire where all family heads were due to attend.


How to find and obtain vital records in Poland and Galicia .

BASILE GINGER AND DANIEL VANGHELUWE publish a practical and step-by-step “how-to” manual for genealogists in France who speak no Polish but at least some English. It updates the Poland chapter in Guide pratique de généalogie juive en France et à l’étranger, by Basile Ginger, published by our Society. The changes in on-line accessibility of the catalogues and databases makes it easy now to obtain most documents without leaving one’s desk


Vital records from Constantine (Algeria) 1843-1895

FERNAND DERAY announces the completion of his opus magnum: indexing all existing vital records of the Département Constantine, one of the three administrative partitions of Algeria. The source is basically the CAOM-Centre des Archives d’Outre-Mer in Aix-en-Provence. The result of Deray’s work, covering 15,000 events, is searchable on our website with full access in the Members’ Corner.



Algerian Jewish assimilation after the Crémieux Decree

JOËLLE ALLOUCHE-BENAYOUN presents a sociological description of the life, culture, religious and social practice of the Algerian Jews after their sudden change of status : the Crémieux Decree of 1870 transforming “natives” into full-fledged French nationals. The assimilation process is shown over more than a century, compiled from a massive bibliography.


Hebrew Monograms

ELIANE ROOS SCHUHL takes the cue in Pierre Kogan’s article about the Marx Brothers in Revue # 95 to pinpoint the monogram lamed peh quf set on Mordechai (Simon II) Marx’s headstone (i.e. a graphical arrangement combining the three characters in one elegant single composition). This set of three characters “according to the small count” means that the date that follows does not include the thousands (thus 5770 would read 77).


ASF rehabilitates the Jewish cemetery in Créhange, Moselle

PASCAL FAUSTINI describes the work performed by young Germans, Poles and Russians from ASF- Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste (Action Sign of Atonement and Service for Peace) during Summer 2007 to 2009 in restoring the Jewish cemetery in Créhange (Moselle), guided by two members of the Jewish Museum in Brussels.


The registers of the commercial school of Nuremberg in the 19th century

FRANCOISE LYON-CAEN tells us about the registers of a school in Nuremberg between 1809 and 1905, that can be used as a genealogical source.









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