No 91 - July 2007






The origins of the Jewish community of Ennery.

Pascal FAUSTINI traces back the history of the Ennery Jews from their first settlement in 1571 to mid 18th century. He exploits ancient charters, forensic and notary deeds to sketch the families, focusing on the Levy, which connects with Asher Levy’s. Faustini also has examined and photographed what remains of the cemetery of Flevy-Chelaincourt, the initial burial place of the Jews from Ennery, among other small communities..

The ancestors of the first Guggenheim

John BERKOWITCH has published in this journal in 2002 his discovery of the initial bearer of the surname Guggenheim and the dissemination of this surname. Here he summarizes his findings about the ancestors of the “initial Guggenheim” over 13 (or 14) generations back to the 12th century.



Jewish Algiers before 1830: population and surnames.

Jacques TAÏEB sketches the settlement of the Jews in Algiers and the evolution of their surnames, from approximately the 11th century to the French conquest in 1830.


A typical French ketouba

Eliane ROOS-SCHUHL scrutinizes from various points of view the ketouba (marriage contract) executed in 1889 at the Paris temple La Victoire between Gustave Kahn, art critic, and the converted Catholic Elizabeth Dayre, re-named Rachel on her religious wedding.


A second register for the name adoption of the Jews in Mainz.

In an article published in issue 76 of Maajan-Die Quelle, Ernest KALLMANN had not found the answer to the question: what is the historical and legal basis of a second register of Jewish name changes that was in use long time after the 1808 Napoleonic decree? Two correspondents provide the answer.