No 90 - April 2007

 SUMMARY of #90






A Grand Wedding in Algeria in 1852
In 1852 Aron Tubiana, a French Army major, who was promoted as translator, married the daughter of Juda Amar, Chief Rabbi. Philippe Danan seizes this opportunity to focus on Haim Benichou, witness of the bride, and to give an overview of the Benichou families of Oran and Algiers.

Weddings at the « Temple Israelite » of Marseille between 1877 and 1893
Elise Leibowitch studied 194 stubs of Ketoubot (Jewish marriage contracts)
celebrated or registered at the Great Synagogue of Marseille from 1877 to 1885 and 1885 to 1893. They are a gold mine of information about the brides and their parents, whose origins are widely spread.

The Mystery of the Name Wert(d)enschlag
Francoise Job wonders why the members of a family in Fegersheim (Bas-Rhin) have adopted the name Wert(d)enschlag, the connotation of which is negative, pursuant to the Napoleonic decree of July 20, 1808. She accordingly conducts a genealogical research in the Alsatian Jewry.



Italian Jews and Genealogical Researches
Bernard Lyon-Caen summarizes a conference given by Marc Margarit and Basile Ginger at Cercle de Généalogie Juive by highlighting basic notions about the history of the Jews in Italy as well as several leads for genealogical researches in this country.

A Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames, by Lars Menk
Ernest Kallmann stresses the importance of the book published in 2005 by Avotaynu Inc., a must for the study of German-Jewish names, and explains how to use this tool.

29th Conference of the Société d¹Histoire des Israélites d¹Alsace et de Lorraine
Eliane Roos-Schuhl reviews the conference held in Strasbourg on 10 and 11 February 2007. Genealogy was well represented by our members Georges Halbronn (The first part of the publications of the register of the Rosenwiller cemetery) and Jean-Pierre Kleitz (The Schwartz family, initially jewellers and eventually bankers in Strasbourg).