No 89 - January 2007

 SUMMARY of #89






The Riss family from Niederhagenthal

Gérard LANG’s family has wandered from Poland to Upper Alsace and then via Nancy to Paris where it settled in the early 19th century. The author reconciles family papers and the 1809 Register of the Paris Consistoire to trace them back.

From Czestochova to Tel-Aviv

Nicole CHAPNIK-PEREZ has found the gravestones of her paternal great-great-grandparents at the Nahalat Itzhak cemetery in Tel Aviv. The migrations of the Chapnik family have been traced thanks to the website of the Tel Aviv Hevra Kadisha (burial society) and the Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony and from familial informations.

Jewish jewellers in Algiers

Gérard LEVY has gathered information about jewellers in Algiers from around 1830 to the early 20th century in Paul Eduel’s book L’orfèvrerie algérienne et tunisienne (Algiers, 1902). He displays them in a table where many readers might find ancestors.



Eve Line BLUM-CHERCHEVSKY has spent six years trying to further the implementation by the French authorities of a 1985 Law which enjoins that on the death record of deportees who died in the Holocaust be added “mort pour la France”, a mention already in use for soldiers dead in action. Here she publishes a faintly optimistic progress report of her efforts.


Eliane ROOS-SCHUHL scrutinizes a seal with Hebrew inscriptions found in the region of Champagne the make of which suggests that it dates back to the late 13th or early 14th century.


Our webmaster Georges GRANER stresses the enhancements of our website : new features, upgrades to the Questions/Answers section, more displays in the Members’ Corner, etc.


The LIBRARY has created a new search criterion for cemeteries.



Two books about the Holocaust :
The first volume of Mémorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France, a complemented and extended new publication of Serge KLARSFELD’s 1978 reference work on the deportation of Jews from France. Volume 1 is devoted to the families mass-arrested on July 16 and 17, 1942 (known as "la rafle du Vel d’Hiv".)
Also the guide to the new permanent exhibition in the Memorial and Education Center Wannsee (open since 1992 near Berlin) “The Wannsee conference and the genocide of the Jews in Europe”, an impressing historical manual on the Holocaust.

Bernhard KUKATZKI, the author, has donated his last publication Jüdisches Leben in der Pfalz (Jewish life in Palatinate), an album of photos of former Jewish life in the region.