No 67 - Autumn 2001



Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive n° 67 Autumn 2001

In Memoriam : Michel Mayer-Crémieux



Three given names Acher, Lemlé, Lambert, applied to reconstruct a  Cahen family in Metz

Pierre-André Meyer

These three given names are equivalent in the Metz Jewish onomastics ; this is used to try reconstructing the genealogy of one of the many CAHEN families in Metz during the XVIIth and XVIIIth century. A crossed study of the various tax rolls starting in 1665, the Metz Memorbuch have contributed the needed information.

Genealogie from your desk

Jacques Blamont

Combining the reading of Claudia Ulrich's book about the county of Créhange (Kriechingen) during the XVIII th century, a consultation with Pascal FAUSTINI, the use of the Index by D. & R. Leeson of A. FRAENCKEL's "Mémoire juive en Alsace" allows to complement a genealogy search in Lorraine.


The Salomon Michel, a family from Ennery (Moselle)

Ernest Kallmann

A question in the Q/A section of the Revue has shown that descendants from Salomon Michel may bear the family names SALOMON or MICHEL. A thorough examination of civil records reveals that the Ennery civil authorities have applied Jewish naming traditions throughout the greater part of the XIX th century.


Unexpected relationship                                                                                         Denis Ingold

Nathan KATZ (1892-1981) a poet writing in Alsatian dialect, has established the status of the dialect of the southern part of Alsace. He shares an ancestor in the 7th generation with André Frossard (1915-1995), a member of the Académie Française and a famous journalist of Le Figaro.



An early XIXth century ketubah from Nîmes (Comtat-Venaissin)

 Max Polonovski

The document originates in the historian Cecil ROTH's judaica collection at the Beth Tzedek synagogue in Toronto. It states the marriage of Saul Hain Crémieux and Sara CARCASSONNE. The witnesses and attendants can be identified by their signatures ; they belong to the upper class of the Jewish community.



New Publications of the Cercle de Généalogie Juive:

Tables du Memorbuch de Metz (1720-1849)

by Jean-Claude Bouvat-Martin

IAJGS Award to Dan & Rosanne Leeson for the Index of A.A. FRAENCKEL's "Mémoire Juive en Alsace"; News about local political problems in Rosenwiller, near the Jewish cemetery ; Information about one of the ashkenazi cemeteries in Istanbul; A new museum of mediterranean Judaïsm in Marseilles.