No 64 - Winter 2000



Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive N° 64, Winter 2001

New Members, personal notices,
Activities XIVth General Assembly on March 18, 2000


Convoy 73
Eve Line Blum-Cherchevsky
Eve Line Blum-Cherchevsky is Abraham Cherchevskyi'sdaughter. Her father was deported among 878 men on 15 May 1944 from the French camp of Drancy to an unknown destination. She continues her testimony for memory, started two years ago with a first book. Two new volumes (725 pages) of « Nous sommes 900 Français » (We are 900 French men) relate the unique odissey of this convoy to the nazi camps in Estonia and Lithuania. The evidences provided by the survivors of the families who could escape from death, the difficult enquiries to rebuild the true story, later, travels for souvenir, are described. Photographs, copies of original documents are associated to produce a book of « pious fidelity » which also appears as the work of an historian.


or how Claude Marx became « addicted » to genealogy

Origin of the Netter from Rosheim

Georges Halbronn and Jean-Pierre Kleitz present a new interpretation of the geographic origin of this family based on XVIIth century documents from the Rosheim archives.


Lévi Nathan Luftspringer
Denis Ingold 

Levi Nathan Luftspringer was a Jewish gambler who lived at the end of the XVIIth century in Alsace. Denis Ingold tells his story and proposes genealogical links with some already known families.

Jewish Paleography
Eliane Roos-Schuhl 

The author explains how to understand the modern transcription into hebrew of some geographic names which can be read on Yad Vaschem monuments.

Records from the Civil Registers in Algeria

The Deray-Gozland-Forgens group of the Cercle continues to collect the data of life records in Algeria (1840-1898) Here, the 1949 marriages of Constantine are presented.

Genealogy and your computer
Rémi Hakim 

Rémi Hakim put his personnal genealogy on CD-ROM before he can afford DVD. He gives his methods, his tricks and recommandations to those interested in following the same route.

A new website Henry Spira reports about the Archives of Geneva which now display the list of 23 800 emigrants, jews and non-jews, who passed through the Geneva border from 1942 to 1945. Possibly within a next future, same kind of information for the whole country will be made available by the Federal Archives in Bern.

A visit to military cemeteries in France documented by Gérard et Nicole Langlois

Eliane Roos Schuhl took opportunity to recall the history of the Jews in that town from the early middle age.