No 56 - Winter 1999



Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive N° 56, Winter 1998


The Cohen-Tannoudji : five centuries of sephardic itineraries p. 2

Denis Cohen-Tannoudji

Based upon rabbinical texts and the growth and migration of their communities, the history of a famous family through Tunis, Tangiers, Jerusalem, Leghorn to the emigration to and later from Algeria with new groupings.

A family from Comtat-Venaissin in the Département du Gard : the Vidal family

Lucien Simon

This family has disappeared from the Département since the early XXth century. It used to be very active at the boundary of the XVIIIth and XIXth century. A discovery of five generations of wealthy dealers and owners.


Hebrew palaeography : Visit to the Rouen Monument Cemetery

Eliane Roos-Schuhl

A sepulture : a woman and her baby. Analysing the inscriptions and cross-checking with the life records provides outlooks on genealogy all over France which will be shown in a forthcoming issue.

Disentangle the skein of the Alsatian Netter

Jean-Pierre Netter

The author had put his research aside for some time, while discoveries by other genealogists made his problem progress. A review.

An imaginary genealogy

Brigitte Peskine

The author, deprived of information on a part of her family from the Ottoman Empire - the other one can be found and even has been explored - invents one, which becomes the true one : an interesting journey.

In the corpus of the French Committee for Jewish Archives, a catalogue on the Jews of the Département des Bouches-du-Rhône, an inventory of the documents kept in the Archives Départementales de Meurthe-et-Moselle, an inventory of the archives of the Jewish community of Nancy; Notes on notary and forensic acts from Boulay, Bouzonville and Freistroff (XVIth and XVIIh century); Vital records from Constantine (Algeria) in the XIXth century, etc..


"The regional Jewish cemetery at Lunéville", a new publication by Françoise Job et al. ; "The Jews in the Paris suburbs, from the 20ies to the 50ies", by Jean Laloum ; "Poetry, an essay on customs in the Comtat-Venaissin" by Noémie Mossé ; etc.


More on the preparation documents for the 1784 Dénombrement, by Denis Ingold ; Laurent Kassel writes about the Nerson family and the ascendancy list of Michel Claude Goldschmidt.