No 52 - Winter 1997



Activities of our Society

General Assembly (p.4). Meetings (p.5)


History of the first Grumbach families from Soultz, Alsace (p.6)

The descendants of the physician Dodorus, from 16th to 18th  century, and some other Grumbach of the same region.


Hebrew Paleography : The great rabbi Joseph Steinhart and a few bankers named Levy in 18th century Alsace. (p. 11)

Bilingual signatures of the three persons in charge of the taxes of the Alsatian Jews in 1758.


Again about the rabbis Isaac Aron from Phalsbourg : bonds, receipts and notarial acts as sources for Jewish genealogy (p. 14)

An original genealogical research method : using notarial acts of commercial type.


Are the Wahl from Reguisheim descendants of Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen ? (p. 16)

Many sources allow to make this link probable.


Researches and records (p. 19) :

Civil state records for Algeria. Jewish cemeteries in France.

Ketubbot inventory. Naturalisation records for  the Jews from the Ottoman Empire.


Books (p.20) :

Dictionnaries of Jewish names of Eastern Europe.

The Pontremoli, two rabbinical dynasties in Turkey and Italy.

To be Jew in Maghreb before the colonisation era.

The Jews of the Hanau-Lichtenberg County.


Reviews (p.23) :

Research in Krakow. Jewish cemetery in London. New acquisitions at the Leo Baeck Institute. Iasi censuses.

Biedernamm, Bollag, Wolf, Braunschweig, Mey, Deutsch de la Meurthe families.

Meyer musicians. Civil State records for Moselle.


See also :

Letters to the editor (p.25). Queries and replies (p.26).