No 49 - Spring 1997




Activities of our Society

Meetings (p.5). 1997 General Assembly (p.8).

Jewish cemeteries in France (p.24). Meeting of the Germany group (p.25).


Index to articles published in 1996 (p.6)


"La Boz del Pueblo" : a source for Izmir Jews genealogy (p. 13)

At the beginning of this century, a Jewish newspaper of Izmir, Turkey, gives many genealogical informations, as : engagements, marriages, deaths, lists of donators.


Paris Seminar, July 13-17, 1997 (p.16)




Dark hours of Jewish Genealogy (p.21)

Genealogical certificates of Rabbi Moïse Ginsburger were made in 1941-1942 from the Alsatians Jews Census of 1784.


A nun in my tree ? (p.22)

Questions about Louise Henriette Créange, a converted young girl, during the visit of king Louis XV at Metz in 1744.


Information (p.24) :

Military records. Trade directories. Civil State of Vantoux, Lorraine.

Recht family meeting. Exhibition on the Jews of Dijon.

Blum family of Oberhagenthal, Alsace. Mappoth of Strasbourg.

New edition of "Jewish marriages contracts in Moselle before 1792", by Jean Fleury.


Reviews (p.26) :

Jewish families in Zurich during the 14th century.

Mohelbuch of Rabbi Simon Blum.

Circumcisions registry in the Municipal Archives of The Hague.

Familial books in Germany.

Alsatian Jews in the Brest convicts.

Jewish genealogies in Biesheim, Alsace. Notarial acts in Bollwiller, Alsace.


Books (p.27) :

Jews deported from Rhodes and Cos. Jews victims of Hungarian labour battalions.

Jews in the French Army. Chief Rabbi Moïse Schuhl.