No 48 - Winter 1996





Activities of our Society

1997 General Assembly (p.4). Meetings (p.5). Jewish cemeteries in France (p.6). 9tb édition of our library's catalog (p.6). Report on Haim Zafrani's lecture (p. 7).


Civil State of Vienna Jews, from 1826 until 1945 (p.8)

Different items found in the civil state registries hold by the Jewish community of Vienna, Austria, until 1945.


New information about French naturalization records (p.9)

New consultation rules for less than one hundred years naturalization files should make these documents more easily available.


Switzerland and Jewish refugees during WW2. A source of genealogical information (p. 10)

The Swiss Fédéral Archives hold some 100,000 files of Jews that were sheltered in Switzerland between 1939 and 1945. Most documents about some 10 to 12,000 Jews that were not accepted in Switzerland have been lost, but some police and prison registries can bring interesting genealogical data.


Ancestry research in Lithuania (p. 13)

Up-to-date information about research in this country.


Hebrew Palaeography : Mappoth from Strasbourg

A list of 66 Alsatian embroidered or painted mappoth (torah binders) with names and dates of birth.




Posters to be presented at the Paris Seminar (p.21 )


Information (p.22) :

Alsace toponyms. New Jewish Genealogical Society in Argentina. New Special Interest Group for Poland. Various data.


Reviews (p.23) : Rules for archives communication in six French places. Genealogical softwares. Sketches for genealogy of: David Millaud, Mayor of Tarascon ;

David Leon Cohen of Marseilles (1820-1891) ; the Weiller family of Alsace ; the Goetschel-Jung family ;

The family of rabbi Simon Blum. After-death inventories at Bollwiller (1728-1730).

Requests for naturalization made in the French départements. Index on Portuguese Jews of Amsterdam during 16th-17tb centuries. The 1808 name choice decree in the Netherlands.

Sephardim in Hamburg. Classification of genealogical documents.


Book (p.25) : I8th Seminar of the Historical Society of the Jews of Alsace and Lorraine


See also : Queries and. replies (p.26) ; Ascent lists (p.31).