No 47 - Autumn 1996



Activities of our Society

Meetings (p.5). Jewish cemeteries in France (p. 10).

Germany Genealogical Interest Group (p. 11).


Seminars on Jewish Genealogy (p.8)

The Boston Seminar (July 1996). Sketches for the Paris Seminar (July 13-17, 1997).


The jewish "nation" of Leghorn (p.8)

Two interesting resources for jewish genealogy in Leghorn: ballottazione list (1753-1807), 1808 Jews declarations list.


Civil state of the Jews of Leghorn (p. 10)

Napoléonic civil state is available from 1808 until 1814. Between 1818 and 1866, a non-catholic civil state was held. All registries are easily available.


Identity and genealogy (p. 11)

Nazis changed. Jewish civil state and identity cards, giving the name Sara to women, and Israel to men. Genealogists should be aware of this, reading German civil state registries.


The four rabbis Isaac Aron of Phalsbourg (p. 12)

A Study of the Aron family of Phalsbourg. The author found four cousins, rabbis named Isaac Aron, who lived between 1687 and 1805.


The identity of the women that were not declared among the Jews of Pertuis in 1808 and their families (p. 16)

Looking at the civil state of Pertuis, Vaucluse, between 1793 and 1829, the author found eight women not declared in 1808, and studied the composition of their family.


Judeo-christian onomastics (p.21)

Some transmission and change of name problems after jewish-catholic conversions.


Aleph-Beth, the hebrew alphabet (p.22)

A basic article, essential to decipher every Jewish date.


Reviews (p. 23) :

Research in Paris : notarial central Archives. Diplomatie archives. Legislative texts about French naturalization.

Genealogy softwares. Research in Slovakia. The Halevy family. Center of French overseas archives.

 List of Jews originating from Ain-M'Lila-Constantine, Algeria. Calendar correspondence.

Jewish cemeteries in Pisa. Jews of Pitigliano. Jewish Heraldry.

Circumcision registry of rabbi Simon Blum.

Research in Germany. Memorbuchs from Ukrainia.

Research in Hungary. Jews of St-Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Center for Jewish Scottish archives. Jewish cemeteries and places in Bohemia and Moravia.


See also : Queries and replies (p.26) ; Ascent lists

(p.31). Letters to the editor (p.34)