No 45 - Spring 1996



Activities of our Society

Bindings to keep our Review (p.4). Meetings (p.5).

Régional groups of our Society (p. 12). Ottoman Empire, Alsace and Lorraine Genealogical Interest Group meetings (p. 12).

Genealogical travel in Lorraine (p. I3).

Family Research Directory, 2nd édition. Catalogue of our Library, 8th édition (p. 33).

Minitel: 3615 GENEALO J (p.34).


Index to articles published in our Review in 1995 (p.6)


Los Muestros... is ours (p. 13)

An abstract of the conference of Mr Rahmani, editor of the sephardic review Los Muestros. He onginates from Iraq and Rhodes, through Egypt, Congo and Belgium.


Ketubot : first sketches (p. 14)

A world-wide survey of jewish marriage contracts (ketubot) is beginning. The front page ketuba is entirely translated.


Security (or civic) cards at Paris (p. 15)

These cards were delivered two hundreds years ago, and might concern some Jews of Paris. A computerized database is being done by the Genealogical Library of Paris.


Hebrew palaeography : Isaac Meyer Aaron, alias Itzig Pfalsburg (p. 16)

The tombstone of the chief rabbi of Alsace Isaac ben Meir, originating from Phalsbourg, deceased in 1805.


Reviews (p. 18) : Censuses in france. Documents useful to find notarial acts.

Archives photography. Inventories after death at Bollwiller (1701-1716).

List of Alsatians in the prison of Brest during the 18th century.

An American research in Alsace. Passports of the year 6 (1797-1798 in the French revolutionary calendar) in Lorraine.

Carpentras registries (1763-1792). Alphandéry genealogical tree.

Hebrew documents at Caumont-sur-Durance. Jewish life at L'Isle-sur-Sorgue.

Algiers civil state microfilms transferred from Nantes to Aix-en-Provence.

Tunisian cerneteries. Research on the Aboab family. Research in Scotland.

Book about the Gaon of Vilna to be published in 1997. Oppenheim family history (1750-1995). Resources for German Jewish genealogy.

Death registries of Auschwitz found at the KGB. German Jewish cemeteries records.


Jewish cemeteries in France (p.22)

General index of first records. Some Jewish tombstones places of the Bagneux (Paris) cemetery might be re-used.


New Book (p.22) : The Jewish Community of Lauterbourg.

See also : Queries and replies (p.23) ; Ascent lists (p. 30).