No 44 - Winter 1995




Next Seminars on Jewish Genealogy (p.6)

Our Society is preparing the 1997 Seminar, to be held in Paris. The 1996 Seminar will take place in Boston.


Activities of our Society (p.8)

Meetings (p.5). Minitel (p.7). Régional groups of our Society in Marseilles and Nice. Ottoman Empire and. Alsace Genealogical Interest Group meetings (p. 8).


Saint-Paul families in the Comtat Venaissin (p.9)

A Study of the Saint-Paul families in Avignon, from Jewish registries (1763-1792) and 1808 names declarations.


The Vanderheym family and Abraham de Cologna (p. 10)

An extensive Study of a jewellers family from Amsterdam, linked with Rabbi Abraham de Cologne from Mantova (1754-1832). With all the descendants of Abraham

Heymann Cohen Vanderheym (1779-1855) and an index for quoted names.


The Prague ghetto and the Memorial (p. 15)

To begin a research on the Jews of Prague.


Genealogical paper forms and recent naturalizations records (p. 16)

Where to find French naturalisation records. How to obtain a genealogical paper form for those dating less than one hundred years.


Malkei Rabbanan - The Rabbis of Morocco (p. 18)

An essential index to use a reference book - in hebrew - about the Rabbis of Morocco.


Civil State of the French Consulate at Livorno (p. 19)

Four death registrations, between 1856 and 1862, of Jews originating from Algiers


Hebrew palaeography (p.20)

The signature of Cerf Berr, General Leader of the Jewish Nation of Alsace during the 18th century


Jewish cemeteries in France (p.21)

New records. Founding terms for two cemeteries in Bouzonville and Pont-à-Mousson.


Books (p.23) :

The Jews of Bionville (Lorraine).

Circumcision registry of Saint-Esprit (Aquitaine).


Reviews (p.24) :

Genealogical Society in Slovenia. How to consult French military registries.

Civil State acts delivery in foreign language. Jewish cemeteries in Corfu.

Origin of the name Carasso. Genealogy from A to Z (general interest themes).

How to conserve old documents. Finding a Hungarian family.

History of the Jews of Tunisia. The Alliance Israélite Universelle in Tunisia.


Information (p.26) :

Database for Raczki (Poiana).

Inquiry about the Hemerdinger family. Alsatian Jewish tombstones in Texas.

1808 records in Moselle. Civil State records of Nîmes. Photos of Jewish tombstones in Tunisia, Egypt and India.


See also : Queries and replies (p.27) ; Ascent lists (p. 31).