No 43 - Autumn 1995



International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy at Paris in 1997 (p.3)

First steps. Each of our member is welcome to participate.


Activities of our Society (p. 8)

Regional groups of our Society in Provence, South-East and Lorraine. Genealogical Interest Groups for Germany, Lorraine and Ottoman Empire. Journey to Metz and surroundings.


New documents in our library (p. 9)

New records and copies, especially names lists arrived in our library since the beginning of the year.


Bibliography for jewish genealogy in the Ottoman Empire (p. 10)

Many books, articles and newspapers are valuable sources of information about the jewish communities in these countries.


Looking for Jacob's children (p. 14)

How was found a branch of the Abensur family, emigrated to Brazil in the middle of the 19th century.


We are cousins (p. 17)

A new heading : family links between some of our  members.


The Jews of Smyrna (p. 18)

Text of Henri Nahum's conference about the history of this community, from the end of the 19th until the beginning of the 20th century.


Of silver and of moon (p.20)

Caspis and Yarhis, scholars of Southern France.


Jewish cemeteries in France (p.21)

New records. Cemeteries maintenance problems. Abandoned tombstones.


Information (p.22) :

Books about the Russian Empire and Praha. Odenbach synagogue.


Books (p.23) :

The Jews in the World at the turning of the 21th century. Judeo-alsatian language. Mémoirs of Vidal Naquet.


Reviews (p.24) :

Judeo-comtadine documents. Blin family. Jewish families in Paris. Documents about the Jews in the Haut-Rhin.

 Jewish cemetery and archives in Saloniki. Picciotto consuls family. Cardozo Genealogy.

Fédéral Archives in Washington. JewishGen on Internet.

Jews in the Russian army. Klabin family from Russia.

Project of a Center for Jewish Genealogy and History in Eastern Europe. Addresses of Eastern Europe archives.

Pupils of a Jewish school in St Petersburg.

Books by Egon and Frieda Wolff. Records for Suwalk and Lomza.

Suffixes of german names. Sources in Francfort. Family histories in Germany and Switzerland


See also : Queries and replies (p.28) ; Ascent lists (p.34).