No 42 - Summer 1995



Genealogical Interest Groups (p.6)

Creation of a Germany group. Ottoman Empire and Eastern Europe groups activities. World-wide project of ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts) index.


Archives of Izmir Rabbinate (p.8)

Archives inventory. Registries are sometimes difficult to decipher, but allow to go back to the beginning of the 19th century.


Archives of the Italian Consulate at Izmir (p. 10)

Consulate archives are rarely explored, but are easily available and can give a lot of genealogical information.


French descent of Giacomo Meyerbeer's family (p. 12)

Descent of the Beer brothers : Giacomo Meyerbeer, Henoch Hans, Michel and Wilhelm, originating from Frankfurt/Oder. Details are given for the French descent of Wilhelm.


Genealogical trees published in the Jewish encyclopaedias (p. 16)

A list of 122 familles whose tree has been published either in the Encyclopaedia Judaica or in the Jewish Encyclopaedia. Many other ascents or descents are mentioned in articles, without genealogical tree.


Genealogical journey in the Bas-Rhin (p. 18)

Our second genealogical journey included: Jewish cemeteries and Marmoutier museum visits, research at the Departmental Archives of Strasbourg, especially Salomon Picard's Archives, meeting with our members in Alsace.


How did the Dreyfus sign ? (p.19)

Sometimes mysterious expressions and hebrew-german puns.


Jewish cemeteries (p.20)

A list of 161 cemeteries in 27 French departments. Records exist for 14 cemeteries.

Raymond Lévy relates the history of the Jewish cemeteries of Metz.


Historical Society of Israelites of Alsace and Lorraine Seminar (p.22)

Jews at Fort-Louis, Alsace. Jewish merchants in Hanau-Lichtenberg. Neuwiller and Mackenheim cemeteries. Inventory and préservation of Jewish cemeteries in Germany. Genizoth in Wurtemberg.


Information (p.23) :

Mormons to stop posthumous baptisms of Holocaust victims. Research in Netherlands.


Reviews (p. 26) :

Internet. Archives photography.

Research in Bohemia and Moravia. Archives inventory of the Jewish community of Nancy. Correspondence registry of the Jews of Lorraine.

Jewish exile from France after 1394. Research at the Paris Archives.

Archives of the Direction of Registration of Paris. The Laws Bulletins. Research in Italy. Research at Hamburg.


See also : Queries and replies (p.26) ; Ascent lists (p.31) ;

Letters to the editor (p.34).