No 41 - Spring 1995



Genealogical Interest Groups (p.6)

Specific meetings allow exchange of ideas and informations for North Africa, Ottoman Empire, Alsace and Lorraine. Records projects (archives, cemeteries...)


Cemetery project (p.8)

A project to preserve our memory : make a list of jewish cemeteries with their history, and

tombstones records. Included in an international project.


New documents in our library (p.9)

The new catalogue is available. Many new lists of names and reference books.


Annual meeting 1995 (p. 12)

Almost one hundred persons attended our 10th birthday meeting. The increase of our members

number will allow us lo have more variety in our activities.


Research on Polish ancestors (p. 17)

An up-to-date for research in Poland : Mormons microfilms, correspondance, Genealogical Interest Groups in France and in the United States.


M. Geudevert's Brussels file (p.20)

Thousands of Brussels Jews originating from France at the 19th century.


Hebrew reading : A familial seal (p.21)

A seal of the end of I9th century.


Dreyfus ascendancy of René Cassin (p. 18)

Five générations of Dreyfus ancestors of the 1968 Peace Nobel Prize.


Informations :

Civil state researches in Lithuania (p. 19). Let’s visit the CARAN, National Archives (p.21). Project of European Jewish Genealogy Seminar.

Project of Yizkor Books database. YIVO re-opens. Préservation of the Medem Library, the most important yiddish library in Paris (p.25).


Reviews (p. 26) :

How to make a family history. How to photograph archives documents. Griot, a genealogical software. The archives of Paris.

Researchs in Switzerland and Netherlands. Bône death mémorial. AIgeria cemeteries.

André Suarès' ancestors from Comtat Venaissin. The Caro family. Byelorussian archives.

Birth registries and census of Russian Jews in the 19th century.


Books (p. 28) :

The Jessula family from Corfu. Jewish cemeteries in Alsace.

Descendancy of the rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen. The Rothschild dynasty.


See also :

Queries and replies (p.29) ; Ascendancy lists (p.33) ; Letters to the editor (p.34).