No 38 - Summer 1994



Family Research Directory (p.4)

Now available. Indispensable for every member. A classification by name and by place of all our members' researches.


"Legal" spoliation of Jews in France by Vichy Government (p.6)

Anti-jewish laws in 1942 led to huge spoliations of Jews properties in France. Recovering them after the war would have helped memory transmission, but was very partial. A still unsolved problem.


Moroccan Jews in Brazil ; jewish cemeteries in Brazil (p. 10)

History of a 19th century emigration. Bibliographical and cemeteries sources.


Genealogical research in Netherlands (p.21)

Access to numerous documents. Research experiences.


"No-usury" certifîcates (p.6)

lnteresting source for Alsace, especially when name adoption registries of 1808 have disappeared.


4th International Seminai" on Jewish Genealogy (p. 15)

Our Society's contribution. Personal findings by some of us, especially sephardic sources.


Genealogical travels and visits (p. 19)

A new activity of our Society, organized by Micheline Gutmann. Tell us which are your places of interest !


Did Rashi marry his first cousin ? (p.21)

An original Study, by Eiienne Kahn.


Hebrew Paleography : Rabbi Yaacob Abensur of Fez, 1673-1752 (p.22)

Genealogical informations in the writings of a moroccan great rabbi in 17th-18th centuries. Analysis of abbreviations on his tombstone.



Visit to the Paris Consistory Archives (p. 17).

16th Seminar of the Historical Society of Alsace-Lorraine Jews (p. 18).

Mormons baptize Holocaust victims ;

1808 declarations of names in Haut-Rhin and Switzerland ;

Circumcisions registries at Mogador ;

Help to research in the Klarsfeld's Memorial to the Jews deported from France ;

Research in Lithuania (p. 24).

Books : The jewish community of Metz during Î8th century by Pierre-André Meyer,

Memory duty by Louis Vorms,

Money loan by Alsatian Jews by Jean Daltroff (p. 8).


See also :

Queries and replies (p.27) ;

Ascendancy lists (p.32) ;

Letters to the editor (p.34).