No 35 - Summer 1993


Seminar on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem (p.6-7)

It is not too early to begin préparations for this great meeting (April 29 - May 5, 1994). Advices, suggestions.


The Jews in the French Archives (p.8-13)

Archives sources for Jews in France. From the 13th Century Provencal notarial records to the Vichy antisemitic Government lists.


Sources for jewish genealogy in the Comtat Venaissin (p. 14)

Communities registries, declarations of names in 1808. Various sources.


The Jewish Community of Augny (p. 15-17)

Genealogy and History of a small community near Metz.


Hebrew paleography (p. 18-20)

Hebrew reading exercise : Rachi writing, a text with rabbinical genealogy of the Hazan family.


Jewish Cemeteries (p.21)

A Worldwide project.

List of Jewish Cemeteries in Alsace.


Various (p.22-24)

Informations : Contemporary rabbis with Moïse Schuhl in 1863-1869.

Paris Jewish Consistory Archives.

Declarations of names in Bas-Rhin, Alsace in 1808 (following).


Magazines review : Judeo-polish sources.

German and English jewish bankers.

Concentration camps Archives. Pope Jews.

Artists Archives. Portuguese Jews in Surinam. Migrations from Marseille to

Northern Africa. Alsatians in Saint-Denis.


Mutual Aid : Looking for a missing person.

See also :

Queries and replies (p.25) ;

Ascendancy lists (p.30) ;

Letters to the editor (p.34).