No 33 - Winter 1993




Forthcoming Genealogy Seminars (p.4)

French Genealogy Congress (Vichy, 20-23 May 1993) ; Jewish Genealogy Seminars (Toronto, 27-30 June 1993 ; Jerusalem, April 1994, scheduled).


Current activities (p.8-12)

Ordinary Annual Meeting. Activities report. Financial report. Forecasting budget. Board renewal.


Basic Documents of our Documentation Fund(p.l4-15)

Which document to consult, when you begin jewish genealogy ?


The Jews of Avignon and Comtat Venaissin, under the Ancien Régime (p. 16-20)

History, day life, first names, family names, by Simone Mrejen-O'Hana, a searcher at the CNRS.


Hebrew paleography (p.21)

Hebrew reading exercise : a jewish tumbstone inscription from Dijon at the Middle Age.


Definitions (p.22-23)

Implex, Onomastics, Anthroponymy, Toponymy : Terms sometimes unproperly used.


Various (p.23-26)

Suwalk-Lomza. Research in Poland (a travel, adresses, a book). Yizkor Books.

Research in Greece. Dictionnary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire.

Jewish families in Lower Alsace in 1725. Jewish cemetery in Remiremont (Lorraine).

Genealogical Library in Lyon. Genealogy software authors meeting.


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1992 Index (p.6-7) ;

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Letters to the editor (p. 31 ) ;

Ascendancy lists (p.32).