No 32 - Autumn 1992



Current activities (p.5 to 8)

Reports of our latest meetings. New edition of the catalogue of our Library.

New statutes adopted.


Family resarch in the Ottoman Empire (p.9)

The history of the paternal branch of Laurence Hazan, from Smyrna to Cairo,

and overseas.


Hebrew paleography : A colophon of Burgos in 1207 (p.12)

About a colophon, signature of the spanish scribe Moïse Cohen, son of Salomon, for the prince Todros Halévi, son of Méir Aboulafia ; Burgos, 1207.

The institution of the nassi, and some examples of kings of Jews, Todros and Qalonymos.


Identification problems of some Alsatian towns (p. 14)

To avoid some mistakes, with homonyms and similar names.


Mormon genealogical libraries in France (p.15)

New libraries, a new department microfimed (Bouches du Rhône).


See also :

Books Review (p. 16) ; Magazines (p. 18) ; Informations (p.2O) ; Queries and replies (p.21) ; Ascendancy lists (p.26) ; Letters to the editor (p.29).