No 29 - Winter 1992




8th annual meeting of the "Cercle" (p.8)

Our activities, our projects, mainly mutual aid, thanks to Computing.


Our Branch in Provence (p. 13)

More archives collected by Simone and Fabrice Nathan.


Looking for military services papers (p. 14)

Or how Administrations can stop any improvement in researches.


Family Spanish sources (p. 15)

1492-1992 : some of the spanish familial archives of Philip Abensur.


Carasso feast(p.l8)

A nice meeting, with many forthcoming projects. A fairly good idea.


Alsatian Jews in Elbeuf, 1871-1900 (p.20)

Jean-Claude Daumas relates the seulement and intégration of Alsatian Jews in this little town of Normandy.


Finding missing persons (p.22)

Madeleine King succeeded in finding the daughter of the only survivor of the massacre of

the Guerry well (1944).


Lordship ordinance in Ennery, 1608 (p.23)

An exceptionnal document allowing three jewish families to seule down in Ennery, near Metz, at the beginning of 17th century. Comments by Olivier Cahen.


A Strange declaration (p.26)

What happened to Abraham Marini between June 14 and 26,1806, in Marseille ?


Birth date : a pure hazard (p.27)

Why was Prosper Cohen, father of Mathilde Tagger, bom on december 28 ?


Researches in Sarre, Germany (p.32)

Some interesting sources, betweeen 17th and 19th century, collected by Pascal Faustini.


Our Inquiry about Jewish Cemeteries in France (following) (p.33)

See also :

Informations (p.28) ; Magazines (p.30) ;

Computing (p.31) ; Queries and replies (p.34).