Journal 26

SUMMARY of #26

Genealogy of a Circle [following] (p.4)
Our first general secretary, Rosine Alexandre,
tells, after Roby Veil in our last issue, the story of
our Circle.

Ketuboth written by Rabbi Moïse Schuhl and
kept in his personal archives (p.6)
Following a History of the Ketuboth - established
in the lst century B.C., to preserve the rightsofthe
wife in case of divorce or decease of her
husband-, Eliane Roos presents ll ketuboth
written and kept by her great-great-grandfather,
Rabbi Moïse Schuhl, between 1878 and 1903 in
Paris, Lyon, Vesoul, Valenciennes, Epinal, Rouen
and Chaumont, and a karaite ketuba dated 1794.

Passports for foreign countries in Marseille in 1793 (p. 12)
Fabrice Nathan pointed out some Jewish passports
dated 1793, at the Departmental Archives of
Bouches-du-Rhône. Some examples show the
problems of Jewish merchants recently established
in Marseille.

A methodology to classify iconographical funds (p. 15)
Jean Laloum explains the methods he uses to
classify photographie documents, in his
Association untitled "Mémoires Juives, Patrimoine
Photographique". A good example for all those
who collect family photos.

Chronicle of Wertheimer family [following](p.18)
Jules Wertheimer, one of our first members,
continues the story of his family.

Minitel or computer allows to find easily the
correspondance between jewish and gregorian

List of patronyms (p.20)
Almost 600 només borne by more than 4000
persons, sephardic genealogical data of Philip
Abensur, processed with Roots IIl.

Life of our Circle (p.24-29)
Moral and financial reports 1990 ; Reports of the
French National Genealogical Congress, held in
Bordeaux ; Visitors from USSR ; Treasures of our
members in Marseille.

See also ;
Computing (p.19) ; Books (p.22) ;
Journals received (p.23) ;
Questions/Answers (p.30); Ascendancy lists (p.33)