No 25 - Winter 1991


 Encounter with Sarah, (p.8)
Sarah Leibovici died in December 1990. Site was
one of the great specialists in the history of the
Judeo-Spanish of Northern Morocco.

Genealogy of a Circle... (p.9)
Our first president, Roby Veil, tells how he took
part in the creation of our Circle, some seven
years ago.

Visit to YWO. (p. 10)
Yiddish Research Institute (YWO) in New York is a
valuable source of information for Russian,
Ukrainian and Polish Jews. Nicole and Gérard
Langlois explored it and brought back many

Yad Vashem and Beth Hatefutsoth. (p. 13)
These two great israeli Centers do a lot and can
bring us much.

Genealogy without documents, (p. 14)
Wliat to do for genealogy without documents,
especialty in the Mediterranean countries ?
Mathilde Tagger tries to answer, with the help of
"Oral Tradition", and emptiasizes in the value of
descending genealogy, from a couple ofancestors.

Biography and bibliography of some Zimmern. (p. 17)
Laurent Zimmern relates in detail his research
into his family, in Germany, Great-Britain, and in
many Libraries.

The Diary of a young Alsatian Jew who
emigrated to the United States, (p.22)
Born in Lembach (Bas-Rhin) in 1870, Isaac Levy
leaves at 22 for the United States. One century
later, Maurice Wolff - whose father was first
cousin of Isaac's wife - rediscovered his Diary,
written from 1885 to 1895.

Bordeaux 1991. (p.30)
Our data about the Jews of South-West France
related to the preliminary steps before the ll th
National Genealogy Congress ttiat will take place
in Bordeaux from 9 to 12 May.

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