No 156 - December 2023

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
A long line of activists for fraternity and love of the earth
Hagaï Avni (50 years old), Rinat Segev-Even (44 years old), Chen Even (45 years old), Alon Even (16 years old) and Ido Even (14 years old), were assassinated by Hamas in Kibbutz Be’éri on October 7, 2023. Like most of the inhabitants of Be’éri, they were the heirs at the 6th generation of a double and long family tradition which intimately mixed - and for more than 100 years on this land - Zionism and socialism, fraternity, generosity , pacifism and love of the earth.

Joëlle Lasserre
« La Estrella del Norte »: the saga of the Lévy, from Alsace in the Philippines
A Jewish family with deep roots in Alsace flees the Franco- Prussian war of 1870. Chance and family connections led the younger members to venture across the oceans, while the parents and youngest son settled in Paris. After stints in Peru and California, they settled in the Philippines. They set up a largescale business that was enriched by newcomers: cousins, allies and friends. They formed the first permanent Jewish community in the Philippines. Their adventure and enterprise would last a hundred years.

Anne-Marie Fribourg
From Durmenach to Dijon, the Adler family itinerary
Discoveries in Dijon newspapers about a member of the Adler family take us back to Durmenach and the Napoleonic Wars. We encounter the anti-Semitism of 1930s France.

Marianne Wolff
Moïse Lehmann (1862-1938) and Marguerite Ullmann (1872-1964), from hawker to retailer
Drawing on her own memories, numerous documents in her possession and online resources, Marianne Wolff traces the career of her maternal great-grandfather Moïse Lehmann, his wife Marguerite Ullmann and their daughter Andrée, wife Jacob. After his marriage to Marguerite in 1898, Moïse moved to Nancy, where he developed the Samaritaine de Nancy with his brother Fernand and associate Salomon Geismar, and soon opened a branch in Orléans. The couple moved to Paris in the 1920s.


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