No 151 - October 2022


Gilles Boulu, Pierre-André Meyer
Gabriel Attal’s Jewish Genealogy
Gabriel Attal, one of the youngest members of the French Government for which he was the spokesperson during the Covid-19 pandemic, is of a double Jewish descent on his paternal side: Tunis- Livorno and Alsace-Lorraine, which is described here by two specialists.

Rémy Chicheportiche
The Sasportas Family in the New World, from the colonial era till the great rush West
At the turn of the 18th century, the Sasportas of Amsterdam and Bordeaux are at the forefront of the colonial epic in the New World. Over a period of two hundred years, they scatter across the West Indies and mainland America. Rewinding their genealogy therefore takes us on a journey full of surprises, where privateers meet revolution leaders and slaves.

Anne-Marie Fribourg
The descendants of Jacob Suabe and the Meyer-Heine family

In Paris, at the beginning of the 19th century, the author describes several families of artists, (painters, engravers, musicians and comedians) all related to the siblings of Jacob Suabe. Porcelain and jewelry are recurrent themes as is the process of navigating the maze of surnames.

Éliane Roos Schuhl
A calligraphed grain of wheat gifted to the Weil Schuhl family (1902)

A wheat grain, a bronze medal and sepia photographs: these family treasures help us discover an industry leader. Born in Uttenheim , in Alsace, Léon Weil creates a textile company in Normandy at the beginning of the 20th century.



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