No 148 - December 2021


Gilles Boulu
The genealogy of the Samama / Scemama caïds through the archives of the French consulate in Tunis
The exceptional archives of the French consulate in Tunis contain a wealth of documents on a large number of Tunisian Jewish families. Combined with other sources, they can help reconstruct family trees. In the case of the caïds of the Samama family, this research made it possible to merge most of the family branches and to be able to consult actual manuscripts of our caïds.

Raquel Levy-Toledano
From the quest of a Manchesterian ancestor to the genealogy of Moroccan Jews
The genealogical and genetic investigation conducted by Raquel Levy-Toledano leads her to Manchester where she “finds” her great-grandfather through classical genealogy. She then “loses” him through genetic genealogy which helps her discover a whole new family, the Levy Belfsahi. This journey arouses her interest for the genealogy of Moroccan Jews. Thanks to a group on Facebook, she is able to reconstitute the tree of Moroccan Jews which, today, contains nearly 300,000 profiles.

Alain Farhi
A personal journey from Cairo to New York

In 1979, Alain Farhi found, in his family archives, the family tree drawn by his grandfather who had emigrated to Cairo at the beginning of the 19th century. And thus began a long search for his origins. His site,, is the result of his quest. The first Farhi to bear this surname was born in 1280 in Provence. Other Farhi were found in Spain before the Inquisition, and then in the Ottoman Empire in Tiré, Smyrna, Istanbul, Damascus and Cairo. Alain Farhi traces the history of his family in Syria and Egypt, he describes his youth in Cairo, his university years in Paris and his immigration to the United States after the Six Day War.

Jacques Darmon
Drancy 1943. The lost and found letter of Viviane Jaïs, my grandmother

Thanks to a letter written by his grandmother when she was in the Drancy transit camp, Jacques Darmon retraces the dark hours lived by his maternal grandparents as well as the testimony of his mother, a hidden child, during that period.

Pierre-André Meyer
The Ancestry of Jean Lion (1910-1957), Josephine Baker’s third husband

For a short period of time (between 1937 and 1940), Joséphine Baker was the wife of Jean Lion, a broker in sugar. This article retraces his ancestry, mainly from Lorraine.

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