No 147 - October 2021


Michèle Klein
Nineteenth-century Jewish family photograph albums: a source for family historians
Photo albums of nineteenth-century Jewish families are an early form of media communicating customs and the memory of ancestors. They are of interest to family historians as they reveal the social world of French Jewish families: their private and professional networks, cultural interests and leisure activities. They also reflect their patriotism and nationalism.

Anne-Marie Fribourg
In search of the Godchaux, painters
This article attempts to explore the life of two prolific painters named Godchaux. We discover the itinerary of Alfred Godchaux, an extraordinary character, able to complete a painting as well as important frescoes in a few minutes. A mystery remains around the second one : Émile.

Anne-Marie Faraggi Rychner
Eplature’s Jewish cemetery –(Switzerland)

In December 1872, a Jewish cemetery was inaugurated at an altitude of 1,000 meters at La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Swiss Jura. Fleeing the anti-Jewish riots that were taking place in Alsace, a number of Jewish families settled in this town. Names such as Picard, Hirsch, Schwob, Franck, Hermann and Ditesheim are among the 275 surnames found in this cemetery. An evolution of the funerary architecture can be observed from the end of the Neo-Gothic period to the present day. The richness of the tombs and their ornamentation is associated with a population that was deeply involved in the watchmaking industry and trade.

Nicolas Coiffait
“Souvenez-vous quelquefois du gelé” In the footsteps of David Lion, a surviving hussar from the Russian Campaign

A bicentenary may conceal another one. 2021 is indeed the 200th anniversary of David Lion’s death, a young Parisian Jew who joined the Napoleonic army and miraculously survived the Russian campaign. By following his steps and studying his life path, his family circle and his descendants, this article creates a gallery of portraits among which many soldiers, from the Napoleonic period to the contemporary era.

Claude Alexis Gras
Belé, fourth wife of Michel Wolff, from Nancy: genealogical focus and biographical sketch

Through the use of German sources and archives, this article establishes the origins of Bele Kau, fourth and last spouse of Michel Wolff (Orchel) of Nancy. It provides some details of her itinerary and elements of biography.

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