No 128 - Winter 2016


Françoise Bassan-Darmon
Sefardi routes ; from Roque de León to the Bassans
Starting with her father's assertion: 'the Bassans driven out of Spain by the Inquisition lived in France since the times of king Louis XIV' the author was able to trace the family genealogy
since their expulsion from Spain in 1492. The Bassan family sojourned in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and perhaps Turkey and Venice and did never settled in France before 1825. It is this route that the author invites us to follow.

Anne-Marie Fribourg
Charlotte Dreyfus, a musician in the 19th century and her acquaintances
The paper presents a singular character who had her hour of glory. Her musical gift led her to teach music and to travel through France and Europe and meet famous people such as Rossini or Alexandre Dumas. Charlotte Dreyfus and her family introduce us into the Parisian world of the 19th century salons.

Bernard Lyon-Caen
The chiropodist brothers Tobias Koën and Mayer Tobias in Marseilles at the end of the 18th century.
The chiropodist Mayer Tobias (1775-1848) born in Mühlhausen (Thuringe) exerted his art in Marseilles at the turn of the century. He comes out to be the brother of Tobias Koën (1763-1849) who after living for a few years in the city became the surgeon-chiropodist of Joséphine de Beauharnais and her husband the Emperor Napoleon 1st. The author describes
the process that led to this identification and gives an outline of Mayer's descent.

Avraham Malthête
A register of circumcisions ; the cantor Aron Lévy's Mohelbuch (Epinal,Vosges, 1844-1863)
We present Aron Lévy's mohelbuch (register of circumcisions). Born in Bischheim (Bas-Rhin, Alsace) he mainly worked as a mohel in the town of Epinal (Vosges) and was the cantor at the synagogue there at the same time. The files include 184 acts of circumcision - one of them being Emile Durkheim's, the founder of sociology. The records are written in German and in Ashkenazi Hebrew cursive script.


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