No 127 - Autumn 2016


Patrick Blond
The artist Rachel and her family
The author offers here a full and documented panorama of the Félix family; the family of the great tragedian Mademoiselle Rachel, from the artist's parents Jacques and Esther – humble Jews from Lorraine – down to their grandchildren, crossing the path of Rachel's many siblings including several members who became renowned in the world of the Parisian stage in the 19th century.

Martine Berthelot-Puig-Moreno
Conversions and returns : the case of the Jews of Barcelona (1846-1947), (2nd part) 251 Jews from Spain converted to Catholicism (19th and 20th century)
This is the publication in a synoptic form of 251 names of people of Jewish origin baptized between 1847 and 1947 in the diocese of Barcelona (Spain). The chart also shows the date of their baptism, the date and place of birth of each person and when data is available the names of the parents and paternal and maternal grandparents, together with the cities or countries where they were born.

Claude Studievic
Traces and memories of Polish Studniewicz, Lindner, Sztatman, Weinsztejn.
This work is part of the extension of a research in the history and chronicle of a family arrival from Poland to France, Belgium and England from 1913-14 to 1933. The present means of communication, the progressive scanning of data and their relatively easy access, the support found within the French Cercle of Jewish Genealogy, have all helped fill some of the gaps and identify ancestors since the 18th century. The extermination of the members of the family remained in Poland was total while those who were in Western Europe escaped the disaster with two exceptions, very close. This paper is dedicated to them.

Michèle Feldman
The « Levantine Israelites » in France during WW1
Members of a CGJ team have been working for two years in the French center for Diplomatic Archives (La Courneuve) and this article is based on these research efforts. They have indexed every nominative file of all Ottoman subjects from different nationalities gathered in the general base “Ottomans in France, 1914-1918 and 1918-1922”, referring more particularly to foreigners of Jewish nationality from the Levant. As an example, four files have been chosen out due to their diversity. Thus, this general basis shows all the resources it may offer to genealogists as well as to historians or sociologists.


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