No 120 - Winter 2014

ABSTRACTS of issue 120

Bernard Lyon-Caen
Intertwined genealogies in the areas of furniture, advertising and broadcasting (second part)
Following upon his CHOUCHAN family study of #119 the author delivers the results of his investigations into other families related and professionally connected to them during a long period ; the LÉVITAN, BLEUSTEIN, GROSS and MARCUS families.

Pascal Faustini
The Usiglio family from Modena and its Spanish origins
The article tells how a genealogical search about the Usiglio family unfolds back to the 1800s to Spain before 1492. The author tries to show the remarkable mobility of the Jews in Italy – especially between 1500 and 1700 – and he gives an example of the various sources he used.

Anne-Marie Fribourg
Who was Emile Straus?
The paper follows the research and discoveries made about the husband of Genevieve Straus née Halévy - particularly known for her exchange of letters with Marcel Proust. The author brings us from Germany to the United States with an incursion to London and at the heart of the 'Commune' of Paris in 1871.

Mathilde Tagger
The Eastern “Rothschilds”. Arie's Family story and onomastic analysis
The Arie family took an unusual path from Spain to Austria and Bulgaria. The family may have changed their surname of Leon (Lion) to Arie in Hebrew in order to adapt to the local Ashkenazi community. In 1776 the prosperous Arie are expelled from Vienna by the Emperor Joseph II. They then settled in Samakoff, Bulgaria where they soon became very affluent again and helped the other Jews. But they lost their wealth and scattered to different places.

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