No 108 - Winter 2011





  ABSTRACT of Issue #108

Revue du Cercle de Généalogie Juive Nr 108

march 2012





The surname Straus-Kahn. How strangely it was formed and how deeply it is rooted in Alsace.

 Guy WORMS. explains how the hyphenated surname Strauss-Kahn was formed. The story takes place in Alsace. In 1808 Feistel Joseph becomes Joseph Strauss at Haguenau (Bas-Rhin). His ancestry is given up to the 17th century. His great-grandson Gaston Strauss is born in1875. Another Alsatian family is the Kahn family (a local spelling of Cohen) which is also tracked up to the 17th century. Max Marius Kahn is born in 1904. Gaston Strauss and Marius Kahn are remote cousins. Gaston Strauss' wife is a catholic girl named Yvonne Stengel and they have a son Gilbert Strauss in 1918. Gaston Strauss has been seriously wounded during WW1 so that he calls his cousin Marius to help him in his business. After Gaston's death in 1934, his widow marries Marius in 1937. The latter decides to adopt his step-son Gilbert in 1939. After this adoption, Gilbert is officially called Gilbert Strauss-Kahn. Therefore this surname comes from the two husbands of Yvonne Stengel.


Around Michel Wolff (Orchel) from Nancy and some others

Pierre-André MEYER. In the last issue of this journal Pascal Faustini looked for the origins of the Wolf and Berr Orchel families from Nancy. In the present one, Pierre-André Meyer details some documents which allow to establish the links between these families. He shows marriage contracts, after death inventories, donations and family boards.

The Mohelbuch of Jacob Halphen.

Avraham MALTHÊTE has studied the register of circoncisions of the mohel Jacob Halphen (1828-1865) from Bourbonne-les-Bains (Haute-Marne). This register was given in 2009 to the Alliance Israélite Universelle library by Mr Denis Marciano. This mohelbuch contains 605 acts from many different places all over in France. Members of the CGJ are concerned by several of these acts.

Uhry, Oury, Ury : diversified evolution of the same name.

Bernard LYON-CAEN was interested in the Alsatian surname Oury and found that it was changed into Ury or Uhri among the offsprings of a same ancestor in the 19th century.

The genealogy of Elodie and Romain Bloch.

Bruno BLOCH, our Chairman, provide us his children's ancestry. Only 7 generations are included in the present issue. The complete work, totalizing 41 generations (up to an ancestor born ca. 635), can be consulted here (only for members)





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