Proceedings 2012 IAJGS Conference Vol 1 - English in Colors

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Volume 1: “TheWestern World”: texts relating to France, Western Europe (including Italy but not Spain nor Germany nor Austria), the United States and Israel. 32 papers, 330 pagesall texts are translated.
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Table of Contents


Conference Committee                                                                  

Proceedings Committee                                                                


Lifshitz-Krams Anne & Meyer Pierre-André                                 Introductory Words to Volume 1                       


Section I ─ General Topics about France                               

Houard Jean-Yves & Sementery Michel                                       Online Archives and Research: a French specificity       

Kuperminc Jean-Claude                                                              From Thessaloniki to Louviers, the Library and Archives of the Alliance Israelite Universelle                                            

Danan Ariel                                                                                  The biographical study of the Jews of France: the exalmple of the “Dictionnary of rabbis and other ministers, France and Algeria”                                                                                                                                          

Section II ─ Some Areas of Research in France                    

Meyer Pierre-André                                                                     Metz, Lorraine and Alsace: Ten Years of Genealogical Research, an Exploration of the seventeenth Century Resources                

Weill Georges                                                                               The Geographical Origin of the Jews of Alsace in the Eighteenth Century      

Malthete Abraham                                                                       Valuable Witnesses of Jewish Life: the Mohelbücher (Records of Circumcisions) – Travel Into the Pages of Some of Them                                                       

Job Françoise                                                                              Jewish Families of Lunéville (1753-1914). Vertical History. Horizontal History                 

Meyer Pierre-André                                                                     The Goudchaux Berr Wolff Mayer-Marx Clan in Nancy, From the Old Regime to Restoration                                            

Cahen Philippe                                                                             All Jews are not Wandering: The Cahen d’Ennery              

Anziani Roselyne                                                                          The Pernes-les-Fontaines Jewry                                        

Pierret-Cros Philippe                                                                    יהודה נפוצותExiles of Judah                                            

Roos Schuhl  Eliane                                                                     Jews in France – an example: Rouen, in Normandy           

Cahen Véronique                                                                         The Ketubot in the Paris Consistoire                                   

Grange Cyril                                                                                 The Choice of Matrimonial Witnesses by Parisian Jews: Integration into Greater Society and Socio-professional Cohesion (1875-1914) 


Section III ─ Sources for the Holocaust in France              

Klarsfeld Serge                                                                            Memorial to the Jews Deported from France                      

Kleinknecht Valérie                                                                       Presentation of documentary resources Relating to Individuals, Especially to the Jewish Victims of the Holocaust in France, in Shoah Memorial                          


Lauvergeon Cécile & Lalieu-Smadja Lior                                    

Overview of the Documentation Center of the Shoah Memorial: First Archives in Europe on the Fate

of Jews in France during the Holocaust                                                                                                                                  

Bazarov Valery                                                                             In the Cross-Hairs: HIAS/HICEM and French Resistance  


Section IV ─ Other European Countries                               

Snel Harmen                                                                                Jewish Infant Mortality in Amsterdam                                  

Desmet Gertjan & Falek-Alhadeff Pascale      An Archival Guide on Judaism and Jewish population in Belgium (19th-20th centuries). A Fantastic Tool for Genealogists!                                                           

Pierret-Cros Philippe                                                                    Who is Who in Belgium (1785-1885)                                   

Dreyfuss-Kahn Myrthe                                                                 History of Jews in Switzerland, from Middle-Ages Till Present Days             

Bonomi Braverman Nardo                                                          Sephardim, Ashkenazim and Frenchmen in Italy                 

Fürth Thomas                                                                              Jewish Genealogy in Sweden                                              

Morgan-Thomas Daniel                                                               My Jewish Ancestor died in the UK – What next?                

Nicholls Mark                                                                                UK SIG Proceedings                                                           

Kaplan Harvey L.                                                                         Scottish Jewish Roots and Where to Find Them                 


Section V ─ United States and Israel                                    

Gougenheim Jacques Henri                                                         The Guggenheim Family in New-York – A Comet that flees


Mokotoff Gary                                                                              Paternal Family History of Bernard Madoff: a Case Study for Neophyte Genealogist  

Karsen Mike                                                                                 My Cousin the Gangster! – How to Navigate Among too Many Sources      

Feldman Rose Avigail                                                                   A new Resource to Find your Relatives in Eretz Israel        

Levinson Lev-Zion Martha                                                          The Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People – An Unparalleled Resource