Mémoire d'un fils d'immigré



André Landesman

Chronicle of a Jewish family, from Siberia to Odessa and to Paris
Born in Paris, André Landesman is the son of a couple of Russian Jews arived in France in 1924. He brings us on the steps of his ancestors, mainly in Irkoutsk, in Siberia and in Odessa, on the banks of the Black Sea.  His great-grandfather , Isaïe Matveevich Feinberg,  was a wealthy businessman in Irkoutsk during the tsarist period. Many members of his family left Russia after the 1917 Revolution. Some went to Germany and later, the nazism forced them to leave for Sweden. Some went to France. Others went to Palestine, to Italy, to the USA. Those who stayed in Russia underwent the stalinian terror, the war, the German occupation. and the Holocaust. The author travelled several times to USSR and met several surviving cousins.
In France, his family was hidden by "Justs" in Normandy and was not arrested except for one of his sisters who was arrested by the French police and died in Auschwitz.  They asked the French citizenship in 1929 and obtained it in 1949 !

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Couverture : La mère et l'oncle maternel de l'auteur à Odessa, sur la plage au bord de la mer Noire.