Jews in the French Army (1914-1918)

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a new edition by the Cercle de Généalogie Juive. 516 pages.
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This is a reprint of the second edition (1921) of a work published in 1920 by the "Consistoire". It contains:
1) an alphabetical list of the Jews killed in the war (with their birthplace, their death date and place, their rank and unit)
2) an alphabetical list of the Jews who got a "mention in dispatches", with their rank, their unit and the text of the mention. This part constitutes most of the work (p. 93 to 516).
As Albert Manuel, general secretary of AICP, tells us in the preface, these lists comprise the Jews from Algeria, "included in the French nation and rightly proud of their title of citizens" as well as "foreigners who freely joined the French Army".
In spite of additions made in the second edition, the work cannot claim "completeness". But it allows the reader to find members of his family, with the text of unknown mentions.

This reprint was made from a copy deposited in the Library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, by the kind courtesy of Mr M.Jean-Claude Kuperminc, librarian.