Jewish weddings in N.D. de Nazareth temple 1822-1841



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CGJ 2003 – 120 pages, ISBN 2-912785-26-X.

A table of marriages from the records of the Paris Consistoire, from November 24, 1822 to December 31,1841.

These marriages are recorded in a register at the Paris Consistoire (ref. GG1). It gives the surnames and given names of the spouses, their addresses and the "class" of the marriage. In some instances, one can read that the wedding took place out of the temple for some reason which is explained and the extra-fee is mentioned.
Our Publication:

In the first part, marriages are given by the husband's surname in alphabetical order. Information concerns the surnames and given names of the spouses, as well as their addresses.
In the second part, marriages are given by the wife's surname in alphabetical order.

Although we have in hand the 1850 Census of th Paris Jews, that we shall publish soon, it is less useful since only the family head is mentioned.

A map of the (old) 7th "Arrondissement" is also given as well as two interesting graphs : number of weddings every year and "class" of the weddings every year.