No 134 - Summer 2018


Michel Gaspard, Evelyne Haendel
Story of a letter sent 1942 received 2017

Story of a letter sent 1942 received 2017

Roselyne Anziani
Précieuse de Beaucaire, the Jews of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Southern France

Following the main events of Précieuse’s life the reader is invited to discover Jews’ everyday life during the 18th century. They were minorities assigned to streets named Carrières and tolerated in the French Papal territories since many centuries while subject to limitations from the Christian authorities. It is also a look at the momentous changes in their way of life in 1791 following the annexation of the Comtat Venaissin by France and the official recognition of the Jews as French citizens.

Michel Dreyfus
Two Jewish families, the Hatzfelds and the Dreyfus/Bernheim

The history of the two branches of my family begins at the outset of the 19th century. Both belonged to the Jewish middle-class but they were nonetheless very different. The Hatzfelds, my maternal ancestors, were the prototypes of the Israelites integrated to the upper class since the July Monarchy. They supported what was called « franco-judaïsme », were directly affected by the Dreyfus Affair and defended the ideals of the Third Republic. The Dreyfuses and the Bernheims, my paternal branch, were traders and real estate agents and benefited much later by upward mobility. That began to the 1890ies but was realized much faster because it unfolded within one generation only. These various patterns explain that the relations of my two family branches to political life, Zionism or art were very unlike. But both have been badly injured by the Second World War.

Anne-Marie Fribourg
L. Rouff & Co

The paper deals at the same time with the story of a family from the Vosges and the development of an embroidery and luxury goods company that spread throughout France and the major cities of the Western world. From the small city of Bains-les-Bains two sons of the founder of the company settled one in Nice and the other in Cannes and become influential characters. Among the leaders of the company we also meet the people who developed the major textile stores in France.

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